GEA Imaforni

Founded in 1962 by Mr. Demetrio Castello and Mr. Ugo Bademer and now with over 50 years experience, Imaforni is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of complete lines for the production of cracker and cookies. The company is a global processing partner strongly export oriented and generated revenues in excess of EUR 85 million with around 210 employees in fiscal year 2014.

Imaforni’s product portfolio ranges from full line solutions for industrial production of hard biscuits and crackers over extruded and deposited biscuits to rotary moulded biscuits. Imaforni is highly complementary to GEA’s recent acquisition of Comas and will complement the cake and pastry operations of the application center bakery with industrial biscuit lines. This acquisition is another step towards realizing the GEA 2020 target footprint with a stronger focus on applications for the bakery industry and to improve GEA’s leading position in advanced process technology for the food industry. The Italian essence of Imaforni will continue to be a fundamental asset and the acquisition will not entail any relocation of the plants of Imaforni, nor any discontinuity in the management of Imaforni and in the relationship with current employees.